City life

I’ve never really lived in a city before. Auckland is by far the biggest city that I’ve lived near, and I actually live in a small flat downtown in the city center.

The view out my window is a majestic view of the hotel next door.

If you go out to the balcony, you can get a glimpse out into the street. Still not exactly a commanding view, but it’s home.

Auckland’s most noticeable feature is the Sky Tower, shown here. You can see a glimpse of my apartment building between that scaffolding in the foreground and the weird hexagonal tower in the background.

(That scaffolding is actually a support for the ride which I call the Bungie Slingshot of Death. You get in this metal circle with seats in it and get catapulted up into the air on those bungie cords. It looks terrifying.)

There is a very ornate Catholic church called St. Patrick’s (it has a much longer name, and one in Maori as well, but I can’t be bothered to remember it) right down the road from me. I think it’s pretty cool. There’s also a liquor store, a strip club, and a hookah bar right down the road from me in the other direction. Welcome to Auckland.

I like living in the city. There’s a lot of energy here. It’s hard to describe, really, and I understand that it might not be for everyone, but I can dig it.

I love taking pictures of Auckland. I think it’s one of the most photogenic cities I’ve been to. And I love living in Auckland too. If you get a chance, I highly recommend coming to visit!


3 thoughts on “City life

  1. when I visited NZ I purposely didn’t stop in Auckland, so I’m enjoying seeing it in your photos! glad you are enjoying living there!

    (so I guess you won’t be trying out the Bungie Slingshot of Death, huh? or jumping off the Sky Tower?)

    • I have no desire to ride the Bungie Slingshot of Death. I could see myself bungie jumping off the Sky Tower, except that I’m sure it costs more than I want to pay.

      • in general, the diving position/upside-down-ness of bungy jumping seems too unpleasant to me, but I had seen that the Sky Tower has wires and slows you down so you land on your feet. so I’d be willing to try that. theoretically. I’m not too afraid to refuse to try it. but I’m not willing to pay $$$$ for the experience.

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