North Head, part 2

Last time, I posted pictures of North Head. This time I’ll be posting pictures I took from North head of the surrounding area.

In New Zealand they like to say you get four seasons in a day. I promise all these photos were taken on the same day, but you’ll see everything from blue skies to gray skies to some pretty intense rain!

I like this photo because it looks like Auckland is sitting on the pier. Yes, I like taking photos of Auckland. Moving on….

This is Rangatoto, a volcanic island in the harbor. I climbed Rangatoto last year when I came here on vacation. Maybe if I start running out of material to post from this trip, I’ll go back and post some photos from my past excursion :)

I wanted to post this Rangatoto picture just to show the difference in weather. Yes, that is rain. Yes, it is heading my way. I spent some time exploring the tunnels while it poured outside!

And after the rain comes…a rainbow! There are some leprechauns with scuba gear down in the bay, methinks.

Oh, wait, looks like the gold moved to Mission Bay! Not too surprising; last time I was going through Mission Bay I saw an Aston Martin and a Bentley.

New Zealand. Yeah, it’s pretty nice.

I didn’t post any photos of Auckland last time, and that made me sad. Here are two more to make up for it.

That’s all from North Head. I’m glad the weapons there were never used in war, and that now instead of being a place of fearful vigilance it’s a public area of peace and beauty. I truly do treasure the time I spent there, and if you’re ever in Auckland I recommend you take a day to stop by Devonport and North Head to experience it for yourself.

And who knows; if you’re really lucky, you may even get a rainbow :)


3 thoughts on “North Head, part 2

  1. Wow! No wonder you wanted to go back. These are outstanding photos – thank you for sharing. I love your accompanying remarks as well.

    • Haha, I’m happy about the Auckland on a pier photo. I can’t take any credit for the rainbow though! (That one is a phone picture; I thought “let me photograph this now before it fades”. And sure enough, by the time I got my PowerShot out, this is what I got

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