Hunua Falls

I have to confess; I am a total sucker for waterfalls. You can get me to go on a massive hike if you just tell me that there will be a waterfall at the end of it!

The Hunua Ranges lie to the East near the coast of the Firth of Thames, which is the body of water separating the Auckland region from the Coromandel Peninsula. It’s about a 45-minute drive out from the city, much of which is absolutely lovely rural roads with a recklessly high speed limit. If you have a sports car and a love of mountain driving, the road to Hunua (cleverly entitled Hunua Road) will give you all the thrills you could desire. But that’s neither here nor there. There’s also some good hiking.

I had to decide whether to make two short posts or one kind of long post, so I chose the former. This post covers the picturesque and amazing Hunua Falls and the second one will cover the hike out to Cossey Dam.

Sharp-eared listeners can hear the falls from the carpark; it is not a far walk. There’s even a nice frame built into the pavement so you can take a cute picture of the falls.

Walking up to the falls immediately gives you a sense of their magnificence. These are far from the largest or most powerful falls, even in New Zealand, but just look at that water.

In characteristic fashion I managed to scramble up some rocks to get a better vantage point. This is the pool that the water falls into.

There’s also a trail (a bit less than 1km, so not exactly an arduous hike) which will take you around to the other side of the falls. This is as close as I wanted to get, as I wasn’t keen on getting wet!

You really get a sense of the power even a small waterfall like this can carry. I’d love to come back in the summer and go for a swim, but I’m not sure I’d enjoy going under the falls! Maybe in the summer when it’s been raining less they’ll be a little tamer.

The hike around the falls includes a bridge, which itself offers a nice view.

Awww yeahhh. Waterfall. Rainbow.

This may be one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken so far. Add this one to the rainbow going into Waitemata Harbor and Auckland on the pier. I’ve been showing this photo to everybody when they ask me what I’ve been up to on my days off.

Anyway, that’s the gorgeous and magnificent Hunua Falls. The real reason why I split this post into two is because the hike and the dam are really cool too, and I didn’t want them getting eclipsed by the waterfall! See you soon for part 2.


3 thoughts on “Hunua Falls

  1. ooh, pretty! I was admiring the carvings on the picture frame thing and didn’t even realize it was a picture frame of the waterfall until you pointed it out, haha. I thought it was some unusual sign/archway.
    sports car and reckless mountain driving…nononononono.
    (recently I became briefly confused and then annoyed when I read a random thought that the opposite of “waterfall” is “firefly”. so of course I have to pass it on.)

    • Augh, that pun. I hope you feel better now that you have shared the pain :P

      I like to consider myself a fairly proficient driver, and the Alfa is not the first convertible coupe I’ve owned. Yet there were points on that road where I felt like going the speed limit would be suicide. (I’m also glad the Alfa is front-wheel drive. Were it rear-wheel drive like my RX-7 I may have wound up in some shrubbery at one point.)

      I thought the picture fame thing was kind of cheesy myself, but of course that didn’t stop me from taking a picture of it. So mission accomplished, I suppose?

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