Auckland Botanic Gardens, part 2 (ft. Totara Park)

I paused last time in the beautiful Auckland Botanic Gardens. Let’s resume the tour!

Every botanical garden I’ve ever been to has a geography and geometry all of its own. Perhaps the paths meander and cross over each other to force visitors into a slower, more contemplative pace. Or maybe the paths are more of an afterthought altogether, and that’s why they wander in odd directions. Either way, make sure you have plenty of time and are willing to endure quite a few detours on your way to see various exhibits!

There are quite a few tracks that take you through the undergrowth — this particular one features three different varieties of ferns, all very common when walking through New Zealand (many official New Zealand entities and agencies use the silver fern as their emblem. This plant, which colors the hills silver when the sun hits just right, is one of the most recognizable and iconic bits of local flora).

There is also a small stream which runs through the wooded area. This stream comes from the same source that feeds the large ponds.

As you walk along the trails, they lead out of the gardens and into Totara Park via the Puhinui Stream Forest Trail. This trail includes a quite decent lookout point which gives a southwestward-looking view over the gardens.

After the lookout, there was a sign that said “Waterfall Trail” with no distance markers or corresponding trail marks on the map. But I’m a sucker for a waterfall, so I took off along the trail.

Everybody swoon in awe at the majesty of the waterfall I found. I wasn’t sure if this was the waterfall or not, but it was the only waterfall I found along the Waterfall Trail so I assume it was.

Here’s another shot of the raging torrent. If I’m going to walk all that way, you’re going to get two photos of the waterfall, no matter how unimpressive :)

So there you have it. The Auckland Botanical Gardens and Totara Park. I should note that Totara Park is much larger than portrayed here — easily twice the size of the gardens themselves — and I covered at most a fifth of the trails available for walking.

I know you’re all anxious to see more photos of Auckland City :). Don’t worry — there will be plenty more in the next couple of posts. Posting might be sporadic (that is, more so than usual) as I’m flying to Australia tomorrow for a week. I’ll make it up to you with some (hopefully) nice photos of my trip upon my return!


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