A quick look from Bastion Point

Whenever I travel anywhere, people always tell me to take lots of pictures. I like having photos to remember my adventures, but I also like being in the moment. And, truth be told, it’s not first nature for me to whip out my phone or my camera and snap a photo. This post is an example. There’s way more cool things I saw and did at Bastion Point than I recorded photographically. I guess that’s just an excuse to go back!

Bastion Point is one of the many hills dotting the greater Auckland landscape. Unlike many of the other hills, I don’t believe this one is or was a volcano.

The hill is easily accessed by foot from Mission Bay and the surrounding area. It offers a great view of Waitemata Harbor from the Southeast. As you can see, we were blessed with a beautiful day! I could hardly believe it was Winter still.

As you well know, I love taking pictures of Auckland. But I also quite like photos of Rangatoto. For my fellow North Carolinians, it reminds me a little of Pilot Mountain. And would you look at that blue in the harbor!

You knew it was coming! Here’s the world’s most picturesque city peeking over the hill and between the trees.

I actually climbed on top of this stone hut-like thing to get this photo. Are there no lengths I won’t reach to photograph Auckland?

In case you didn’t believe me, here I am on top of the aforementioned stone structure striking a heroic pose.

And here, a more contemplative look (along with a better view of the thing I’m standing on). Perhaps a lookout post, similar to those on North Head? Or perhaps just a convenient platform for cheeky tourists to climb on and strike ridiculous poses.

There’s also a really cool monument and obelisk atop the hill, but I failed to take any pictures of that at all, so hey! Look at these cool kites!

The kites deserve better than to be used as a diversion from my own photographic ineptitude, though. They’re really neat. Did you notice the orange one seems to be wearing shoes?

So there you go, Bastion Point. A great place for a picnic or just a lazy Sunday afternoon.

And since it’s been a couple of posts since a photo of Auckland showed up, you know I’m going to end with yet another one :)


4 thoughts on “A quick look from Bastion Point

  1. “we shall go forth bravely into yon uncharted territory!”
    “…hm, yon territory may have been charted already.”

    I find the squid/octopus kites somewhat disorienting since the background is sky and not water. very cool though. but I think the one with shoes needs more shoes.

    so much land and sky! :’) (where I am I can never see very far in the distance–not high enough and too many trees I guess.)

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