Australia, Pt. 2: Tallebudgera Beach and related shenanigans

Upon our departure from Surfer’s Paradise, we made our way to the Tallebudgera Creek Active Recreation Centre, located in the Burleigh Heads area. To be honest I didn’t take the time to completely grasp the local geography, but I did learn that tallebudgera means “good fish”!

The Centre, which was the location of the retreat, borders the beach to the Northeast, a river to the Northwest, and the Gold Coast Highway to the Southwest. It is pretty neatly situated.

A game of beach volleyball did break out at one point.

Between the beach and the river is a large rock berm. In the far distance, you can see the city.

I did eventually climb the rocks up to the top, but I stopped about halfway through where the rocks provided a surprisingly comfortable chair of sorts to lounge in while overlooking the ocean.

This is the river on the other side of the berm. I discovered after climbing up the side that there was actually a well-maintained trail leading to the top, had I just chosen to walk around. I’d rather climb up the side than walk along the path any day though!

Taking the short and simple walk over the bridge and around to the other side puts you in Burleigh Head National Park.

Here you can see the berm from the other side. I didn’t see either the boat or the fishing platform move the entire time I was there. I’m not sure if they’re fairly permanent fixtures or if they just move seldom.

The water in the creek is quite clear.

I also had the chance to take my own advice and go to the Gold Coast Botanical Gardens with some new friends I made at the retreat. These gardens are really more like a park than a botanical garden, as they have plenty of plants but not a lot of…well…botany.

It’s a quite lovely park, if you ignore the fact that it’s supposed to be a botanical garden. Maybe it would be more fair to come in the summertime. Not that I would want to visit Gold Coast in the summer, given how hot it was in the winter!

So that’s all for the Gold Coast! Next time we’ll be traveling to Brisbane!


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