Australia Pt. 3: Brisbane South Bank

After the retreat ended, I drove up to Brisbane for a few days. While there I stayed with some guys from the church. They also gave me a tour of the city! It was super great to spend time with those brothers and see what’s up in Brissy.

Brisbane’s South Bank is a flashy, fancy area, which as the name implies is to the South of the city on the bank of the Brisbane River (the Brisbane River, incidentally, is most notable for being brown).

South Bank certainly has a sort of colorful charm.

The area also features possibly the nicest pool I’ve ever seen, which is really more of a man-made beach!

Walking past the beach takes you to the river, where we see why locals prefer to swim in an artificial beach. An informative plaque near the waterfront answers the question of why it’s so brown; apparently it was heavily dredged many years ago to increase its navigability, which stirred up silt and turned it into Willy Wonka’s chocolate river. The sign claims that eventually the river will clear up. Here’s hoping.

A short jaunt from the waterfront is the Wheel of Brisbane, which is not actually a game show but rather a ride similar to (but a far cry from) the London Eye. (When I was in London in early 2014 I asked a friend why it was called the London Eye. She wasn’t sure. She did comment that calling it a ferris wheel sounded like something from a cheap carnival, but London Eye sounds classy. Fair enough, I suppose.)

Of course we rode it! (The opening photo of this post is one of the better photos I got from the gondola. They’re all sadly marred by reflections on the glass).

Brisbane is pretty snazzy looking from up here, but Auckland is still more photogenic in my book (and the Harbour Bridge is far more majestic than this one, whatever it’s called). I do like that funky tubular building though.

We also found this interesting thing (as I recall it’s referred to as the Peace Pagoda). I had the opportunity to demonstrate my photographic ineptitude yet again. And I’m not sure what my friend is doing there, but I think he’s trying to walk on water.

Have another equally oversaturated photo of the Peace Pagoda. Want more? Let me know. I’ve got heaps.

There was also this nifty Rainforest Walk on the way to the Peace Pagoda. I shocked my guides by jumping over the railing to explore the creek bed. They reminded me I was in Australia, where approximately everything wants to kill me. I did see a couple of quite large spiders down there, so perhaps they were right. You know, I’ll take New Zealand after all!

So that’s Brissy’s South Bank! There are still a few more Australia posts to go, but fear not! There will be some great photos of Auckland coming up after that :)


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