Whangarei, Pt. 6: The Falls

I hope these Whangarei posts aren’t getting old. But if they are, good news! This is the last one! And it will be a short one.

As you might recall, I did the Hatea River Walk (which is a hiking trail, not a type of dance) over Labor Day. We left off last time as I was approaching Whangarei Falls.

There are a number of bridges, walkways, and view points all around the falls, and I spent a good 45 minutes or so walking and climbing around. You can see one of the bridges going across the river in the shot above.

And then, just a few steps forward, you get a glimpse of the falls. And you forget that you just walked almost 5 km.

Ok, so not quite Niagara, but very pretty!

You see the viewing deck in the upper left of the previous picture? That’s where this one was taken from.

Hello, tiny human! This gives a great view out along the Hatea River.

There are signs telling you not to climb out onto those rocks.

I am not very good at following instructions.

As you can see in the background, this is one of those attractions where you can either walk there or drive up to the carpark right next to it. As usual, I felt smug for making the hike on foot. But ignoring my smarm, this is still a nice angle on the falls.

So that is the many angles of Whangarei Falls! I think this is my favorite photo, although the one from the right-hand side is also quite nice.

And there ends my Whangarei trip. After enjoying the falls, I hiked back along the Hatea River Walk, jumped in my car (which was, as advertised, not ticketed or towed), and drove back to Auckland. And since I made such great time along the trails, I even had time to stop by Countdown, buy a sponge, and give my car a thorough washing before meeting with my friend.

I hope you enjoyed looking at pictures of my mini-vacation up to Whangarei as much as I enjoyed taking them! Next time we’re going to be back in Auckland, and we’re going to see some animals!


2 thoughts on “Whangarei, Pt. 6: The Falls

  1. pretty! I kind of wish I were a fish or drop of water or something that could go down the waterfall along with it.
    also my screen and/or eyes play tricks on me and make me think the water is moving. @__@

    • Every now and again someone will post a trollgif to imgur that says like “if you stare at this for 15 seconds it looks like it’s moving” and then there’s like 10 frames of movement every 15 seconds just to mess with your mind.

      I am not that dedicated to trolling. It’s either your screen or your eyes.

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