City life and other randoms

This is going to be a more random post of things I’ve collected that don’t really fit anywhere else. Sorry about that.

The many colors of the Sky Tower

The Sky Tower, as previously mentioned, gets a new color approximately every month or so.

Right now, it’s a Christmas Tree. (OK, right now it’s not a Christmas Tree, but it was when I wrote this post).

After the tragic incidents in Paris a couple of months ago, the spire was the French Tricolore in solidarity.

The many strange things seen on the streets

Joel Spolsky once said that “New York is the kind of place where ten things happen to you every day on the way to the subway that would have qualified as interesting dinner conversation in Bloomington, Indiana, and you don’t pay them any notice”. I’m not cool enough to not pay these things any notice (and Auckland is also not New York City), but I have noticed that living in the city you just see some weird stuff.

This guy was dressed like a devil, for no discernible reason.

Buskers are fairly common. A Christmas-themed brass trio is slightly less common.

(I think the unstated rule is that if you take a photo of a busker, you also make a donation. Just FYI. This seems reasonable to me.)


I’m a big car guy. I see a really cool car at least once a week in Auckland. Usually I don’t take a picture because who’s got time for that. Sometimes I do.

Lamborghini Aventador waiting for a traffic signal (my phone utterly refused to take a properly-exposed picture of this car).

This Tesla owner thinks he’s the coolest thing ever.

Other stuff

At this train station, you are allowed to:

  • Be a train
  • Spy on people
  • Walk a tightrope
  • Become The Flash

Meanwhile, you are not allowed to:

  • Dance
  • Smoke
  • Ride a bicycle
  • Drink wine
  • Be a dog
  • Pretend to be an airplane
  • Be Jon Bon Jovi

There’s this kind of cool area near my apartment. You cross Fanshawe St. and go down some random stairs (yusssssss). This puts you under the Hobson St. Bridge (which is called Lower Hobson even though it’s to the North; I guess because it’s lower in elevation?).

There’s a place there called the Tepid Baths, which sounds kind of gross actually but is apparently fairly iconic.

There’s also this really cool street art there.

While hiking in Muriwai I found this weird baggie containing a piece of paper reading “2 O Offering = Worship”. I don’t know if this was some sort of spiritual lesson or what, but it’s tied to this tree very intentionally. I really have no idea what’s going on here.

On Mangere Mountain, which unless I change the posting order I haven’t posted about yet, I found what appears to be a sculpture of poop. I also have no idea what’s going on here.

Well there’s a warning sign I can obey.

Also in the category of warning signs, this one made me laugh a lot. People bringing their dogs into areas with ground-nesting birds is actually a problem.

When I drove out to the Okura Bush Walkway (post coming one billion years from now), I arrived at about the same time as a couple and their dog. The woman said “oh, there’s a no dog sign here. Drat.” and then they drove away. It was very clearly posted on the website that dogs are not allowed, so I felt bad that they hadn’t checked beforehand. But I respected them for obeying the sign.

This whole massive crowd are here to see the new Star Wars move (The Force Awakens). This is midnight opening night (which was fully two days before America got to see it).

This escalator was, of course, not on (if it were the carnage would have been immense). As I got to the top of the escalator, I realized three things. One: the photo doesn’t show it, but you’re actually three stories up at that point. Two: There are a lot of people on the escalator. Three: As people move around, the escalator rocks back and forth quite a bit.

I am not in the best of times a fan of heights, and I could just see the headlines: 20 dead in Auckland escalator collapse. Fortunately that did not happen, and also fortunately the line moved uncharacteristically quickly while I was on the escalator. I probably only spent 5-7 minutes in that part of the line, which I was grateful for.

Have you ever seen something where you simultaneously do and don’t want to know the story behind it? That’s sort of how I felt about this.

And, finally, here’s a shot of Santa being put up over one of the larger intersections downtown (Victoria St. and Queen St.).

Thanks for tolerating the randomness; back to our regularly scheduled hiking next post!


4 thoughts on “City life and other randoms

  1. I greatly enjoyed the signs! and the inexplicable baggie. very baffled by the metal poo.
    electricity is called lolgas now, kthxbai.
    tolerating the randomness?! I love the randomness!

    • Occasionally artists of various type will give interviews where they discuss the struggle of creating art that the public want to consume vs creating the art they want to make. I’m not sure I would call myself an artist, but the struggle is real. I just want to make a hike blog with scenery and improve my photography skills, and my most popular posts by far are always the ones with random terrible shots I make with my phone camera as I go about my daily life. C’est la art, I suppose. Well, I’ll keep the random city life posts coming so long as Auckland keeps being weird and wonderful.

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