Mokoroa Falls

Ahh, the Western beaches. Black sand, lovely mountains, and good hiking. Because I work for a US company, I got American Thanksgiving off. I drove out to Muriwai Beach, and on the way, I stopped off in the Goldie Bush Scenic Reserve to check out a waterfall.

The trail out to the falls is very short; perhaps 1km or so.

There are some palms, some ferns, and even some kauri trees lining the well-marked path.

Even if you are the world’s most leisurely walker, it will not be long before you see this:

Now that’s what I’m talking about! It’s not a torrent, but it is a proper waterfall.

There’s some stairs (huzzah) down to the base of the falls; this particular area is also tree fern central!

The stairs describe a gentle, gradual descent. Nice on the knees, but it means you pop out a bit downriver from the falls.

The river — stream, really — flows on at a slow pace.

A couple dozen meters or so and the falls are in sight again! Note the sketchy-looking river crossing there for those who don’t mind the risk of wet feet.

Not quite so evident from the upper lookout is that there’s also some auxiliary falls to the right of the proper ones! This waterfall is less impressive, but I think it looks cooler!

These falls are a bit of a combover if we’re honest, but the whole area looks cool enough that I can forgive a certain amount of patchiness.

There’s this really cool rock with these footholds leading up to the top. I…wish I could say I climbed it, but I was not feeling confident in my scaling abilities that day and vertigo got the better of me. Perhaps next time.

In the top right of the bonus falls, you can see the upper lookout. That does give you an indication of how high these falls really are, despite the slightly threadbare appearance.

So that’s Mokoroa Falls! Next post we’ll take a look at Muriwai Beach. See you then!


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