Mangere Mountain

Mangere is a region to the Southeast of the city. It’s probably best known for being the suburb that houses the Auckland airport. And of course, it’s home to an extinct volcano.

Funny story: as I’m driving to the carpark, I pass a group of schoolchildren out on some sort of field trip. I have the top down, and I can hear one child say “look! It’s a race car!” to which a few others said “oooooh”. I am apparently quite cool amongst the elementary school set.

There are two craters on Mangere Mountain; this is the larger of the two. And it’s quite large!

It’s also ringed with trees, including one very definitively vibrant pohutukawa.

The other crater is less massive but steeper.

To get to the summit, you can either walk around the crater or take a short but pretty steep path right up the center between the two craters. I elected to walk around.

Before getting to the top I took a short rest under this tree and ate my lunch. Mangere Mountain is a very small area so the rest wasn’t strictly necessary, but I had brought my lunch with me and this seemed like a nice place to enjoy it.

Upon reaching the top, I got an achievement!

I took an achievement selfie. I chose the disaffected look to show that I’m way too cool to care about stuff like this.

Which is too bad, because there’s actually two of them! One for each “peak”.

Between the two is one of these things. I love it when lookout points have these “what am I looking at?” displays, even though they do tend to be vandalized by hooligans and miscreants.

The two achievement points are very close; here’s a picture of one from the other.

While I was standing there, I also got to see a plane landing in Auckland airport! (Airplane is in the upper-left quadrant near the tree line, for those who don’t like playing “Where’s Waldo?”.

After this, I walked back down the mountain. But I realized that I had forgotten to take a photosphere from the peak, so I headed back up. I took this opportunity to go up the other, steeper way.

Made it :)

Here’s One Tree Hill.

And here’s a random heart-shaped island. You can see the island on Google Earth, but it doesn’t show up on the map and I’m not sure what it is. It may be related to the nearby water treatment plant, but I really have no clue!

Here’s the Mangere Bridge with Rangitoto peeking up in the background.

And speaking of peeking up, here’s the Sky Tower!

And here’s Puketutu Island! It would be really cool to get to explore that island. Maybe like two posts from now? Stay tuned and find out :)


2 thoughts on “Mangere Mountain

  1. I had to find out what those achievement…things…are called. I could only think of stupidly useless terms to google, but I finally found that they are apparently called trig beacons. other relevant terms: trig stations and geodetic marks. the wikipedia article is under “triangulation station”. for some/no reason this makes me think there should be an angular sort of dance that one must do at such locations.

    I…still don’t know how I feel about craters. I think I am more suspicious of them and unsettled by their existence than I had been earlier. hm.

    • Coincidentally, I found that out too just last Monday! Not to throw him under the bus or anything, but my hiking buddy Taylor got us lost. Using our general knowledge of the landscape, we walked up a hill and saw an achievement (it makes me happy that he calls them achievements now too). I had downloaded the area map onto my phone, so I looked at it and saw that it was marked “trig beacon”. As the name implies, it helped us figure out where we were and get back to the path with relative ease.

      The craters at Mangere Mountain are so big that they’re not obviously craters; they could be valleys! I find that more impressive than anything.

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