Ambury Regional Park

Ambury Regional Park is just a short jaunt from Mangere Mountain — you could walk it if you didn’t have anywhere you needed to be that afternoon. I think these picture frame things are a bit goofy, but with the weather so nice it really does look like a postcard.

This post also contains pictures from a second trip I made to Ambury after church one Sunday with three friends.

Ambury has pretty much everything you’d want in a park. There’s gentle, rolling terrain covered in well-manicured grass…

…the pohutukawa are in full bloom…

…and the sheep are cute and not too skittish.

Ambury would be a fantastic location for a picnic, a family outing, or just a Sunday afternoon stroll.

Ambling (in Ambury? Get it?) a bit further down the non-trail, there’s this little island next to some land jutting out. I noted that the rocks between the island and the mainland look well-positioned for hopping.

To get a sense for how dramatic Auckland’s tides are, here’s roughly the same shot with the tide out!

Up close it turns out they’re a bit further apart than they look at first glance, but the water is shallow enough to permit wading so even I, the world’s least adventurous explorer, was able to make it out to that little island.

And again, with the tide out the inlet bed becomes a mud flat. I actually walked out into this mud a little ways in the hopes of reaching some of the further-out little islets, but the mud sucks you down enough that it’s nearly impossible to make forward progress. And it’s also really gross.

The sense of accomplishment is tempered somewhat by the fact that there’s nothing to do on said island once you get there. The rocks are pretty cool, though, I guess :)

By the way, this body of water is, I believe, the Manukau Harbour, and this particular piece of it is the Mangere Inlet. We first encountered the Manukau Harbour at Whatipu, and we will encounter it again before too long (we will also encounter it in the next post, but that’s not what I’m foreshadowing here).

There’s a view of One Tree Hill from the South across the harbor.

And if you Zoom and Enhance you can just barely see the Mangere Bridge.

So that’s a small glimpse at Ambury Park. I didn’t stay too long, because I still had one more mission: one way or another, I was going to make it onto Puketutu Island and see what’s what out there.

Stay tuned to see what happens :)


2 thoughts on “Ambury Regional Park

  1. I am somewhat obsessed with those picture frames now! I am envisioning a photo of someone stepping through it, and the area outside the frame is photoshopped to be dulled down or black and white. also there needs to be a regular-sized picture frame with the same designs all around it. maybe a digital one, and all the photos it is set to display are ones taken at places with these big frames. and/or the person brings the small frame to these big ones and holds it up while getting another photo taken. print out the previous photo and bring it along if there is no small frame. if I lived near such a frame I’d go at least once in the spring, summer, autumn, and winter. …I am so obsessed.

    I think you should have brought a flag or at least a stick to plant in the middle of the island. picked up a rock and set it down again. run a victory lap. something.

    • I think the only other place I’ve been with a frame like that was Hunua Falls. I wonder if the Auckland Council are going to put more frames up (or if they already have and I’m just not observant enough to notice / remember them).

      I actually found a super cool walking stick just floating in the water out at the island. I’m not sure why I didn’t document it at all, and I had forgotten about it until just now, but yeah. So I didn’t plant a stick, but I did take a stick. Probably doesn’t count though.

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