Mokoroa Falls 2: Fall Harder

I’ve been to many places on the North Island. It feels good to have spent so much time exploring my new home! But that also means that there’s going to be some repeats. Mokoroa Falls is no exception!


Photo Credit: Jordan King

This was a holiday weekend, so Taylor, Jordan, Brendon, Hilly, and myself set off to the Waitakeres to experience Mokoroa Falls. That’s not to say that this trip resembled my previous one. While we started in the same place, we branched off pretty quickly to do the Mokoroa River Walk instead.

Setting the tone for the event, we found a sturdy-looking vine hanging from a tree very near the start of the trail. Of course we took turns playing Tarzan!

This is one of the cool things about traveling with friends; I probably wouldn’t have bothered doing something like that if I were just by myself.

The path to the river walk includes a suspension bridge.

Before you ask, yes. Hilly and Brendon did carry that ridiculous cooler the entire way.

The path was super, super muddy and slippery. It had been a rainy weekend, and it’s a pretty wet area already. There were definitely some treacherous bits!

Taylor decided that the best strategy was just to commit to getting wet at the very beginning.

Hilly demonstrates the more cautious technique (after having passed the cooler to Brendon).

I preferred the higher routes to the lower ones; although there is further to fall, the trees provide handholds and the ground tends to be firmer.

This is the real reason we did the walk. Jordan and Taylor are really into cliff jumping (for some reason). Yep, those three figures at the very top of the rock are my friends.

Yep, they jumped off.

I was completely content to watch this part. Nothing about that seemed appealing to me. Seeing the bruises that Jordan in particular incurred just from his impacts with the water did not change my mind on any of that after the fact, either!

Anyway, though we spent nearly half an hour there, let’s press on.

You can see here the complete muddiness of the trail even on the good parts.

As is common, the rain had made some tiny waterfalls leading up to the big one.

The river walk path criscrosses the river so many times I lost count of all the fords.

I photographed this one because it really isn’t even a ford; hikers just have to wade across.


Photo Credit: Jordan King

Thanks to Jordan, I’m able to include some photos of myself as part of this adventure! Jordan, if you ever get your website sorted I’ll link to you here ;)

You can see that somewhere along the way Taylor found himself a hiking stick, which is a really good strategy for muddy trails and fording rivers. It gives a third point of contact with the ground. As you can see from this shot, I’m upping the ante with four points of contact on this muddy slope.

After far too much mud and slipping, we finally saw our objective: Mokoroa Falls.

You may recall the cool ladder rock from last time. My friends chose it as a picnic spot. I guess after jumping off that big rock, something like this seems like nothing!

Afterward, Taylor decided he needed a shower to get all the mud off.


Photo Credit: Jordan King

I was pretty muddy as well, so I got under the falls too (I don’t know what Brendon is doing).

My previous post has plenty of pictures of the falls, so I won’t bore you with too many in this one.

I will say that although the rain had made the track very treacherous, it also made the falls even more impressive!

Photo Credit: Jordan King

The climb back up to the top of the falls is pretty easy; thankfully, we didn’t have to retrace our steps! Jordan even took a glamour (?) shot of me sitting in the river above the falls. Hello, ladies.

So that was our revisit to Mokoroa Falls. Hopefully the River Walk (or at least the shenanigans of my friends!) was enough new stuff to make it worth the extra post!

Starting next post: the South Island! The posting schedule will go up to three posts a week so it doesn’t take two months to get through. I hope that’s not too much, because these photos are fantastic!


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