South Island, Pt. 12: Arrowtown

After exploring around Queenstown for a bit, I took a jaunt up to a small bit of history: Arrowtown.

Arrowtown came about to support the large influx of prospectors following the discovery of gold in the area in the 1860s. The town was never particularly large, but in the 20th century the population dropped off significantly. Seems like lately Arrowtown has seen a bit of revitalization as it reimagines itself as a tourist destination and area of historical interest.

The storefronts and attractions do give off a bit of an old-timey feel, but it’s definitely not serious history in the same way that say colonial Williamsburg is. Think maybe more like Dollywood without the rides.

They’ve definitely got the tourist destination thing sorted, though!

The town does have a small and somewhat quaint public library, which is nice.

Across the street from the library some folks were saddling up their horses. That is not, in this case, a figurative expression.

After grabbing some lunch at one of the local cafes, I wandered back down to the carpark where a well-paved walking trail gives a nice little tour of the area.

The trail borders the river on one side, crosses it at a bridge a couple km down, and loops back along the other side. There seems to be some fishy business going on here in the river.

Oh hey, a rope swing!

Also the world’s dodgiest tree fort.

The water in the river is super nice and clear, with just a tinge of green.

To be honest, I got a little bored of the trail before reaching the bridge so I just waded across the water to head back.

The other side of the river features a bit darker and denser forest. Almost foreboding!

That’s not foreshadowing, though. Another rope swing and some nice green-tinted water show that this is just a peaceful, sleepy little walking trail.

So that’s my short visit to Arrowtown! Nothing earth-shattering, but it’s a cool little spot to have a look around.

Next time we’re going to another small town, but we won’t stay there for very long. See you then!


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