Trail Log: Lake Sylvan Walk

Alright, the Coastal Track trail log ended up being a bit of a slog because that was a pretty long walk, so hopefully this one will be a bit shorter and sweeter.

(Why is this being posted now and not right after the Lake Sylvan post? Because I forgot it was there. I hope this doesn’t shatter any illusions you have that I’ve got it all together somehow :)).

These signs don’t tell you how many km the trail is, so I’ll just have time information.

First sign. 10:29am. 40 minutes to Lake Sylvan via the normal track, 1.3 hours by the tramway.

Second sign where the track splits from the tramway. I took the track.

10:47am. Took me 18 minutes, which is 2 minutes less than the predicted time.

Third sign at Lake Sylvan.

11:02am. 33 minutes total, so I shaved 7 minutes off the total estimate and 5 minutes off the second leg.

On the way back, I took the tramway. I note that this sign estimates a vague 1-2 hours. We will ignore that and go with the more precise 1h20m estimated by the sign at the trailhead.

Now 11:05am, so it took me all of three minutes to take photos of the lake.

This is the only sign you get, which is where the tramway meets back up with the track.

11:50am. Took me 45 minutes, which is 15 minutes less than the estimate.

And here we are back at the start.

12:06pm. That’s 16 minutes from the last sign (a savings of 4 minutes). Total hike via the tramway: 1 hour 1 minute, for a savings of 19 minutes.

Total hike: 1h37m, including picture taking time.


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