Omana Regional Park and Maraetai

Clear, sunny Winter days are not to be wasted. I decided to use this one to visit Omana Regional Park and the Maraetai Beach Walkway.

We’ve been up to Maraetai before; that’s where Duder Regional Park is. So you know it’s beautiful.

Yep, still beautiful.

Omana Regional Park looks out over the Hauraki Gulf, with great views of Waiheke and Rangitoto.

To the West you can see the city.

Even better if you Zoom and Enhance a bit (in an uncharacteristic display of motivation I put the big lens on for this shot).

I tried for some time to find out if this crater on Waiheke has a name. If it does, I couldn’t find it.

Still thought it was worth zooming in on though.

With not a cloud in the sky to be seen, Maraetai is already endearing itself to me. I understand that the clear weather is not necessarily due to the specific geographic location, but you have to admit, this place just looks better with clear blue skies as far as the eye can see!

My plan was to walk all the way around the park, then walk East along the beach until I hit the Maraetai Wharf, at which point I planned on having a late lunch in a cafe there before heading back the same way.

The walking tracks around Omana itself are…not great. I have plenty of experience with muddy tracks, though, so I forged ahead.

Unsurprisingly, there are some sheep here.

Climbing the ridge lets me point my camera back over the mainland. Suburbia at its finest.

I was less worried about the cliff edge than I was about the morass along the trail!

The steep bits are, thankfully, graveled over. No slipping and sliding down the hill for me, thanks.

The super swampy bits are even boardwalked.

Though the wet ground is annoyingly swampy, the lush green here attests that the soil enjoys a frequent watering.

These guys possibly also contribute…

Eventually, we circumnavigate the park and start out along the walkway.

It’s a great walk! The sun is high, the sky is clear and blue, and the water is gorgeous, and the trees are…uh…doing this thing, I guess?

If it were Summer, I’m sure these beaches would be packed. This time of year I imagine the water is a bit…brisk.

As I approach the little town, I encounter…a helicopter pad? I never actually saw the pad, not that I could take my eyes off the beautiful views long enough to look too carefully.

That’s a lot of walking! Rangitoto is barely visible now!

Upon reaching the wharf, there’s…an old mini-achievement? I’m not sure. The walk wasn’t tough enough to deserve a full-on achievement, so that’s only fair.

If I wanted I could have kept walking all the way to Duder, but I was hungry.

Besides, the wharf makes a great stopping point, as does the Bach’n Cafe right across from it.

Before enjoying my lunch, I enjoyed looking at this classic Corvette. There’s a surprisingly robust group of American car enthusiasts here in New Zealand. Head out to Mission Bay or up to Birkenhead and you’ll see the occasional old Corvette, Mustang, or even the odd Chevrolet Bel Air or Ford Fairlane tooling on by!

So that’s a brief look at Omana and the Maraetai Beach area. If you’re looking for an easy walk to enjoy a clear Winter day, I cannot recommend this area any more highly.

The next posts will be from one of my favorite trips I’ve taken this year. I’m really looking forward to sharing them with you!


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