Goat Island 2: Goat’s Revenge

[Note: This post is from quite a long time ago. I had held the draft out in hopes that I would get some additional photos of the event from Taylor, but sadly that never happened. But since I did write this post, I figured I’ll post it as-is so you can enjoy what bits of it are there.]


Photo Credit: Jordan King

It was another holiday weekend (Waitangi Day), so the band got back together and we went out to Goat Island. You may recall from my  previous posts on that location that Goat Island is a popular destination for snorkelers, divers, and other maritime revelers. I went in the winter and did none of that, but this time my friends were keen on checking out the more watery bits.

This will be a pretty short post unless I manage to convince Taylor to send me some of his photos. He and Jordan have GoPros which have waterproof covers; my camera has no such thing and thus remained on the shore.

We arrived around high tide, so we started out with some hiking. We did the Coastal Walk again, so not a lot of new photos. I do have a new camera, though, so maybe I can get some better photos than last time? You be the judge.

I don’t remember what Taylor was photographing down here, but knowing him it probably involved climbing a tree.

We had a lovely day, and the hills were suitably rolling and sheepful.

Taylor also tried being the Cow Whisperer again.

…with his usual inexplicable results.

Destination: Goats.

The marine center with the island in the background.

Such a pretty place.

After our hike, we went down to the beach and swam around for a bit. We swam out to Goat Island — twice, in my case, as my tender little feet couldn’t handle walking on the sharp rocks so I swam out, back, then swam out again wearing my sandals so I could explore a bit. Sadly, unless Taylor ever sends me some of the photos he took I won’t be able to include anything from that here.

I did take one parting shot of the guys standing on these posts though. They wanted a shot of everyone jumping. As you can see, one out of four is actually ready to jump.

As expected, one out of four actually jumped when I said to jump. Oh, well. This picture kind of sums up the crew anyway, so we’ll leave it at that!

So that’s my second trip to Goat Island!


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