The Return to Auckland!

Friends, I am back!

Yes, as of early June I’m back in Auckland!

Naturally one of the first things I did was to climb Mt. Eden and take a photograph of the city :)

I’ve got some adventures to share with you too! Some familiar old locations and some new ones. It’s Winter right now, sadly, but I’ve still found some windows of nice weather to head out and explore!

One thing I’ve found that’s true for me (though may not be true for you) is that I really need a home base before I can really feel comfortable enough to go exploring. This is my new apartment, and literally the day I moved in I started going out on adventures.

My friend Tyson and I headed out to see Hunua Falls. It was a quick trip (and actually a stopoff as part of a trip out to the Waitawa disc golf course). That’s just the sort of place New Zealand is. You can make a quick jaunt out to see something amazing as part of a normal trip.

My new apartment is in the Viaduct Harbour area, and indeed is so close to the harbor I can see a bit of it from my window. I saw this rainbow right outside where I live one rainy day!

Living right on the harbor means I see some interesting sights. One day I looked out of my window to see a cargo ship the size of a city block docking at the port!

Another day there were two Chinese warships right outside the hotel next to my building!

When I’m walking back to my apartment in the evening I often get to see nice sunsets. Here the setting sun has put so much color in the sky that Rangitoto gets some of it too!

Victoria Park, where some friends from church and I like to pray, is frequently the beneficiary of New Zealand’s spectacular sunsets as well!

I took this shot while walking back from meeting a friend at Auckland University. That is a clear Winter sky and a nice crescent moon!

The city herself continues to delight and amaze. Living where I do, I was trapped by the Americas Cup parade (literally; there was no way for me to get from the Viaduct area to anywhere else until the parade passed by). I decided to stand by and enjoy the spectacle.

Some friends and I attended the Maori New Year celebration at Sky City.

There were some Hawaiian dances (why there were Hawaiian dances at the Maori New Year celebration was, and remains, a mystery).

I have been continuing to chronicle the many colors of the Sky Tower and enjoy its presence in my life once again.

Auckland, how I have missed you. May our adventures be many.


2 thoughts on “The Return to Auckland!

    • Yeah, New Zealand has a reasonably favorable relationship with China. It was a goodwill visit — these frigates had just been on a counter-piracy mission and were making a tour of the South Pacific before returning home. The wharf was mobbed with Chinese tourists for the few days they were here.

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