Shakespear Again, Pt. 2: The Birds

You know the drill: I take photos of birds, they’re not very good, I post them here anyway :)

Getting things started with a magpie.

There are a number of different types of birds called magpies. They share black-and-white coloring but not a lot else — unlike the European magpies, these are not corvids (crow-like birds) even though they do kind of look like them.

They’re native to Australia; here, they’re considered an invasive species and are basically pests.

The Pukeko, or Australasian Swamp Hen, is a common sight in New Zealand.

Another common sight, and one I’ve written and posted about many times before, is the fantail. I love these birds.

I’m not 100% what this bird even is, I just wanted to post this photo because I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten a better shot of a bird on the wing before :)

I told this story before, but every time I see a brown quail I’m reminded amusingly of how Taylor once thought they were kiwis. You don’t have to try hard to see these little guys at Shakespear Park.

I honestly don’t quite understand why you see brown quail in all these protected bird sanctuaries when they’re not at all endangered or threatened (and are, in fact, introduced from Australia). But hey, I’m glad they have a safe place to chill out and be quail.

The New Zealand wood pigeon, or kereru, are also not threatened and are also quite frequently present in sanctuaries such as Shakespear.

They’re a real comical sight, being the 747 jumbo jet of New Zealand birds. I saw so many of these guys, but I just took the picture of this one.

The boisterous tui is one of the most iconic birds in New Zealand (in addition to the fantail, the pukeko, and of course the kiwi). Instantly recognizable either visually or by their song, which to me sounds kind of like a fax machine, tui are not threatened, and thanks to the hard work of NZ conservationists will hopefully never become so.

You may recall last time I was at Shakespear I got to photograph these birds, the Eastern rosella, for the first time. I just happened to see a few of them sitting in a field and managed to snap some decent shots.

There were two pairs, one set in the trees and one on the ground.

Lovely! Now if you could just stay there while I sneak a bit closer….

Oh, well nevermind.

Thank you for indulging my bird nerdery. Next time we’re going to go someplace I only learned about recently and have already been there twice and really like! See you then!


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