A Waterfall in the City: Oakley Creek Falls

I like waterfalls. You might have noticed.

I recently discovered that there are a couple of waterfalls quite close by: Oakley Creek Falls in the West City, and Lucas Creek Falls on the North Shore. I visited the closed one first: Oakley Creek Falls.

There are a few ways to get to the falls, but I suggest parking at the North end of the UNITEC campus (it’s not the easiest place to get to; here is where it is on the map) and walking down the walkway.

Due to all the road works in the area, the walkway has seen some construction. It should be open, though. As you might imagine, cyclists obey this sign about as well as they obey traffic signals, but which I mean not at all.

When you get to this part, you will want to stay to the left and not go up the ramp. That footbridge is very cool and useful if you are going that way, but it does not lead you to the falls. It does lead you to a footpath that parallels the motorway for a super long way and eventually winds up at Lincoln Road, which must be quite convenient for bike commuters!

This is what you want!

There is also a map which, in addition to being only moderately helpful, indicates that you are in two places at once. The dot at the top of the map is correct (this map appears in two places, and I suppose rather than printing two different maps with the dot in different places, they put both dots on both maps and left figuring out which one is correct as an exercise to the reader).

The walkway itself is not in great repair, but it’s miles better than a dirt path, which this time of year would really be a mud path.

The path is short but reasonably scenic, featuring some cool trees.

For much of the way, it borders a stream. There’s some interesting debris along the bank.

This impressive bridge goes over the motorway. As always, New Zealand gets high marks for pedestrian accessibility!

Keep following the stream….

If you get to these stairs, go the other way. These go up to, uh, somewhere else (I’m not sure where. I think maybe that bridge over the motorway actually.)

The path remains reasonably paved throughout.

If you see ducks, you’re almost there!

(Using ducks as a landmark is a terrible idea.)

Eyyy, look at that! The falls!

The area near the falls features one solitary bench and a whole lot of mud. It’s a nice little walk (you can also climb up to the top of the falls. I did that the second time I visited here with my friend Brendon, but I didn’t take any pictures of that).

I hope you enjoyed visiting this nice little waterfall tucked away right in the city. Next time we’ll look at the falls on the North shore!


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