Scandrett Regional Park

A friend of mine needed some heart healing, and I needed a place to go and take some photos. This seemed to me to be a two birds, one stone situation, so we set off North to Mahurangi, just South of Tawharanui, and drove to a place called Scandrett Regional Park.

Scandrett reminds me quite a bit of Duder Regional Park, with its cliff faces and beautiful views. Fortunately, this time I didn’t fall down a cliff.

Which is just as well, since the drop does not appear conducive to either remaining intact or climbing back up. No doubt Taylor would disagree and manage to somehow teleport to the bottom unharmed, but he was not with us so we remained at the top of the cliff.

Besides, while at the top we can fully enjoy the view down into the many small coves and rocky bays present along the shoreline!

The water here is so clear we can see the contours of the seabed from all the way up at the top of the cliff face!

The views out into the gulf are also quite good. This shot is North along the coastline looking at the base of Tawharanui.

Kawau Island, discussed in my Tawharanui post, is also quite visible from Scandrett Park.

Always being one for cheesy analogies, I told my friend to hang on even when it’s tough, just like this little tree. I don’t think he appreciated it as much as I had hoped, but was perhaps cheered slightly by the fact that I thought such a cliche would cheer him up. So I guess that’s a win?

That would be Takangaroa Island in the foreground and Kawau in the background.

If you do have a desire to go down closer to the water, there is a trail that will allow you to do so. Do be aware of the tides, as the difference can be quite dramatic!

Scandrett Regional Park is a truly beautiful place, and whether you are getting over a heartbreak or just wanting a nice place to take a bit of a walk, I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

In the Biblical story of the flood, God uses a rainbow to promise Noah that he will never again send a flood to destroy everything, which was mighty decent of him and probably reassured Noah significantly the next time he saw rain clouds moving in.

Regardless of whether a humanity-destroying flood is on your specific list of fears or not, whenever I see a rainbow it makes me think that everything’s going to be OK. Our Sun, which is amazing far away from the Earth but practically adjacent on a cosmic scale, is constantly undergoing fusion and sending radiation to our little blue planet. When our atmosphere has water at the right density in the right place, it breaks some of the radiation which we call visible light into a spectrum due to refraction. All these incredibly vast and powerful forces are acting together and the end result is something so beautiful and ethereal that the first humans to see one thought it must have come directly from the finger of God. It’s a helpful reminder of just how insignificant our problems really are.

The trip home yielded a second rainbow, to drive home the point.

I hope you enjoyed this trip out to Scandrett! Next time, more beaches! And maybe some birds as well!

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